We are here to bring polling and voting to your fingertips. With the state of the art BI and analytics that you expect today only on web native applications. We not only thrive to bring this service to you for free. but also to help you make money with this. Watch out our blog sections for more details, coming soon....

We are here to reinstate your believe that “Your Opinion Does Matter” and yes, help you make some extra bucks too

"The world suffers a lot not because of the VIOLENCE of bad people but because of the SILENCE of good people"  - Unknown.



Do a quick poll to decide if it’s a chick-flick or an action thriller this weekend. Or an elaborate survey on government’s upcoming policy? All with the same level of Analytics and ease of use.


Enables hassle free election processes for RWAs, Associations, Clubs, Trade Unions, or whatever you can think of.


We will reach out to people and hear their opinion. Isn’t this the best place to influence it ! Or simply reach out.


Chat with your near & dear ones whose numbers are present on your device contact list..


Enables reliable survey/feedback system to gauge performance and services offered, hence increases customer retention.



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