This feature will be available free with any Association / RWA subscriptions on mobile. Election enrolment & Voting questions can be posted only from web, with the admin credentials. Authorised Admin will be given access of website with credentials at the time of subscription. However, members of these associations / RWAs will be responding to questions and/or voting for an election using their mobile app.It is estimated that more than 7,000 colonial RWAs (Resident Welfare Association) exist in Delhi-NCR alone. These associations often need to contact their members to execute a democratic election process to select an office bearers for a particular time frame. They even been to contract their members to take a decision (using a voting methodology) on any new implementations within their respective colonies. The traditional methods for voting are tedious and take approx 30 to 40 days to complete the process and to arrive at a conclusion. Therefore, Associations using GOOUNJ, will get faster results in comparison to the ones going by the traditional method.

There are two other practical issues faced by the members of these RWAs :-

  • Owners who are not residing in that society/colony/condominium/sector, have less chance of receiving a notice in time and sometimes these key
    members misses the opportunity to “vote” / “raise their voice” / “give their opinion” / “be vocal”.
  • At times, when some members are out of town during the time of election, they miss the chance to participate in the voting process. And this
    results in ineffective voting.

GOOUNJ will resolve these issues. Out of station users who were not able to participate and people/members who were not available at the time of voting will be able to vote from their Hand-held Devices.

As a support to Indian Prime Minister’s “Digital India” Campaign, BVocal Datacom Private Limited will provide GOOUNJ’s e-Vote features FREE of cost to RWAs, Trade Associations, etc in order to enable “Good e-Governance”.

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