This feature is for all users. Main target users will be Government, Corporates & individuals. Both Polls and their responses will be created only by using the mobile app. Polls can be Text / Pictures / Audio / Video based. It is a very effective tool for people to take opinions from their target audience. An individual can send a poll to his / her selected contacts (friends) asking for their opinion about the new movie in town;  asking if is it worth going for it or not. Read more..

This feature will be available free with any Associations / RWAs subscriptions on mobile. Election enrolment & Voting questions can be posted only from web, with the admin credentials. Authorised Admin will be given access of website with credentials at the time of subscription. However, members of these Associations / RWAs will be responding to questions and/or voting for an election using their mobile app. Read more..

Users can only chat with his/her contact list on his/her device. Group chat is also featured in GOOUNJ. As GOOUNJ is for sharing thoughts and opinion, there is a need for people to share their views to their contacts. GOOUNJ’s chat will allow sharing of thoughts at one place, eliminating the need for other apps. Users can also share pictures / audios / videos along with text messages. Read more..

GOOUNJ subscribers will also have an option to provide their feedback or review for any e-Vote question posted. These feedbacks will be stored in the account for the group, who is using e-Vote. Members of the group can see the history on review / feedback page related to that post. Read more..

An Ad Engine is an integral part of the mobile app. This enables the BVocal Team to release any kind of communication and/or commercials to designated user base. Any user irrespective of their subscription will be able to request the company to publish an advertisement on GOOUNJ. Read more..