There were many instances, in the recent past when, Sushant had to conduct various market surveys, to get the feedback of the targeted audience for the new and old ventures he was associated with. The motive of these surveys was to get a taste of the market to align the respective company’s offerings. However, all those surveys were expensive and it was a herculean task to find the right company/agency/tool/audience to do it.

Sometimes the agencies had a tool, but they didn’t have the database. Some had the database/ audience, but didn’t have the tool. And those who had both didn’t have the right target audience. This led to many restless days & weeks, as this meant a delay and loss to businesses.Nandita in discussion with Sushant, revealed that she faced similar issues while providing “Service Delivery” in her work place. There were no common platforms to reach out to consumers and get their opinions recorded in a fast, reliable and economical manner. She added that this problem persisted within her group of friends while planning for a “reunion” celebration. It was difficult to arrive at a result , they did not have an effective tool or app to plan such an event.They both then discussed this with many like minded people including family and friends and realized that the problem was being faced by everyone. They even noticed that people in general are opinionated, however, they needed a secure and reliable medium to post their opinions and  wanted to be free of any baggages their opinions might carry.

They spotted a lack of platform with built-in analytics along with a database which can be used by a Commoner / SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise) / Retailers to host a market survey/ research/opinion poll.

This lack gave way to “GOOUNJ”, and a legal entity by the name “BVocal Datacom Private Limited” was incorporated and registered.

The name “BVocal” was derived by combining two words: (a) BE & (b) VOCAL. Which as a phrase means to “speak up” or “voice your opinion”. While “Datacom” means “Data” & “Communication”.

GOOUNJ is a Hindi word which means: (a) a vibrancy, or (b) an echo, or (c) a buzz.

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