This feature is for all users. Main target users will be Government, Corporates & Individuals. Both Polls and their responses will be created only by using the mobile app. Polls can be Text / Pictures / Audio / Video based. It is a very effective tool for people to take opinions from their target audience.

An individual can send a poll to his / her selected contacts (friends) asking for their opinion about the new movie in town; asking if is it worth going for it or not.

Individuals can take a picture of a dress in a shop and ask for the opinion, if it looks good or whether she should buy or not?

M-Poll can be used in Colleges / Universities / Offices / Government agencies and others, wherever people want to know what a group of people think about any specific question.

M-poll can be very useful for business / corporates where owner wants to know how people are going to respond to their new arrivals or change in existing product.

It will be useful for government, departments to know what people in their areas are looking for. What are their prime requirements, how best they can be fulfilled as per their expectations.

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